Social CMPointers: What Are Your Goals On Social Media?


Defining your goals on social media is one of the most important steps towards developing a strong and effective online presence. Without guidance, your page will merely be a string of pictures and posts that lack any cohesive meaning or strategy.

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Social CMPointers: Determine Your Social Media Mix


The key is to not rush into it. Don’t just decide to create profiles on every platform across the web and consider yourself optimized. Careful thinking, consideration and strategy must go into deciding which channels you are going to use for your business to realize optimal results.

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Branding Your Car Dealership

Branding your Dealership

With the rise of the Internet, we have seen advertising become much more of a two-way street.  That is, where-as dealerships historically have created message after message for traditional media predicated on current tier-one factory specials and finding success, they have begun to see the value in adapting this formula to include engagement of potential [...]

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Super Bowl Commercials: Hashtags #Win


As seems to always be the case year after year, we took just as much an interest in the advertisements during the Super Bowl as we did the game itself.  Opinions differed as to which where the better ads, but we all agreed on an interesting trend.  To our delight, we noticed that this year’s [...]

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Digital Trends of 2013

2nd screen entertainment

A look forward to some digital trends of 2013

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Top 6 Ads of the Year

Old Milwaukee

Why have a top 5 when you can have a top 6? Check out our Ads of the Year for 2012.

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Dealing with Sarcasm in Social Media


How do you recommend brand’s deal with sarcasm online?

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Social Media Photo Cheat Sheet

Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 2.29.05 PM

A few basic social media photo sizes you should adhere to for your profiles.

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Your Facebook Brand Page


As people continue to spend more and more of their time online browsing Facebook, it is important for brands to keep pace and occupy that space.

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Infographic of the Week

What Users Want on Facebook Comic

A common question posed by many businesses is, “What do consumers want from brands on social media?”  This week’s Infographic provides a simple answer, proving that it’s not too difficult to keep your customers happy online.  

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