Eat, Tweet, Shop, Repeat: Driving Sales via Mobile Direct Response Tools


With marketers seeing the value in direct response ads on mobile, we’ve officially entered the digital wallet era.

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An Overlooked Audience: Why Hispanics Should Be Your Next Biggest Target via Digital


There’s been much talk about the rapid growth of the Hispanic population in the U.S., but too little discussion about how advertisers are not engaging with this segment of the population via digital efforts.

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Wheaties Campaign


When the CMP Miami creative team found out that General Mills and Wheaties were holding a contest asking their consumers to choose the next athlete to feature on their famous cereal box, we saw an opportunity to create a unique campaign.

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Social CMPointers: Tackling Twitter


Twitter is arguably the #1 social media platform for real-time updates on news, pop culture and, well, basically everything. Here are some of the basic rules to follow that will help you maximize your Twitter presence and, most importantly, create a space for your company to interact with your consumers and build positive, long-lasting relationships.

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Social CMPointers: Building Your Brand


It’s been said before: a brand is not just a name! A lot of thought should be put into building the brand for your company. So what all does building your brand involve?

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Social CMPointers: Staying Afloat in the Digital Age


Nowadays it seems everything is all about digital; from communication to basic advertising, everyone’s head is in “the cloud.” But with these three tips it will be a breeze to keep your business afloat in the digital sea.

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Social CMPointers: Determine If Your Content Is Engaging


A basic rule of advertising is to go where the eyes are. So naturally, it makes sense for brands to be visible on social networks. But is that enough?

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Social CMPointers: What Are Your Goals On Social Media?


Defining your goals on social media is one of the most important steps towards developing a strong and effective online presence. Without guidance, your page will merely be a string of pictures and posts that lack any cohesive meaning or strategy.

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Social CMPointers: Determine Your Social Media Mix


The key is to not rush into it. Don’t just decide to create profiles on every platform across the web and consider yourself optimized. Careful thinking, consideration and strategy must go into deciding which channels you are going to use for your business to realize optimal results.

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Branding Your Car Dealership

Branding your Dealership

With the rise of the Internet, we have seen advertising become much more of a two-way street.  That is, where-as dealerships historically have created message after message for traditional media predicated on current tier-one factory specials and finding success, they have begun to see the value in adapting this formula to include engagement of potential […]

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