Brands We Love – Edge Shaving Gel


‘Brands We Love’ is a new segment here in the CMP Blog that offers short case-studies about our favorite brands. Enjoy!

So I have the honor of writing the first ‘Brands We Love’ post.  Pardon the pun, but I wanted to write about something edge-y.  Edge shaving gel is a brand that I really love.  They have been able to take the notion of “engaging your audience” to the next level.  When I first heard about their Anti-Irritation Twitter campaign, I thought it was genius.

The underlying theme of the campaign is that Edge, like any good shaving gel, prevents irritation while shaving. But why stop there?  On Twitter, they popularized the #soirritating hashtag by having users tweet them @EdgeShavingZone about issues in their every-day lives that were irritating.  Edge would then “relieve irritation” by responding to these users. For instance, one person sent a tweet about running out of cereal, so Edge sent him four boxes. It doesn’t end there. They’ve sent out everything from iPads to megaphones to English/Spanish dictionaries in an effort to relieve irritation throughout the country.

This campaign was so successful that Edge is sticking with the same type of “give-away” theme. The new suggestive #WellEndowed hashtag, tests the limits of slogans and social media, but as the great T.S. Elliot said “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

Head over to their Twitter page to check it out.

Until next time.

Alex, Social Media Associate