Is Podcasting Dead?



To play on the infamous Allen Iverson quote, “Are we talking about Podcasting?” Why yes, yes in fact we are. How many people do you know that have even heard of the term “Podcasting?”  I take it not that many, if any at all. This was a trend that was supposed to sweep the nation. Podcasting was supposed to be a hip, social norm.

So what happened?

If you don’t want to label Podcasting dead, fair enough, but you have to admit it’s on life support. While there are some businesses and organizations, such as NPR, which do run podcasts that continue to maintain a loyal following, they are the exception. The fact is that they already have the content in place; all it takes is turning their radio broadcast into a podcast. Voila!

For something that seems so simple, there is a lot of work that goes into podcasting.  With so many other social media options for businesses to keep track of, options that are much more engaging of the audience, the few benefits podcasting has just simply aren’t worth it for your business.  Instead, get on the forefront of new trends like Pinterest and Foursquare.  Figure out innovative ways to maximize the potential of these social networks, and maximize their impact.