Pinterest – More than a Scrapbook?


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Despite its rapid growth, businesses remain skeptical as to how Pinterest, in its current state, can offer value.  When it comes to social media, they choose to stay on the road more traveled, focusing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn (Sorry Google+!). The sentiment is that  too many unknowns behind Pinterest remain, from what exactly to “pin” to your page, to potential copyright infringements.  For now, businesses are comfortable letting Pinterest play out, and see who decides to step up to the plate first.

Not to be overlooked, however, are the ways Pinterest can compliment social media strategies.  The reason social media is so successful in business is because it gives outsiders an inside view.  In some cases, it provides the brand with a voice of its own, in others, it allows access to Presidents and CEO’s people only dream of meeting.  Pinterest can play that role, bringing your customers closer, opening the doors, and letting them see who you are as a person.

At the end of the day, just because a social media platform exists doesn’t mean you should use it.  Publishing information to your Pinterest board just for the sake of it will not have the results you hope for.  For now, use the social media networks you feel most comfortable with and those that align with your business strategy, but stay informed of emerging trends.  Pinterest is growing, has many new features in the pipeline, and most definitely shouldn’t be ignored.