Super Bowl Commercials: Hashtags #Win


As seems to always be the case year after year, we took just as much an interest in the advertisements during the Super Bowl as we did the game itself.  Opinions differed as to which where the better ads, but we all agreed on an interesting trend.  To our delight, we noticed that this year’s crop of commercials placed a lot of importance of promoting their social media platforms.

What do we mean by this?  Well for one, hashtags were prevalent in almost every commercial by a large brand.  According to Altimeter Group, 38% of all commercials included a hashtag in visual display.  This is presumably to increase to track conversation on Twitter.  Facebook URL mentions were not nearly as popular among brands, appearing in only 7% of ads.  Additional statistics can be found here.  It is also important to note that the notion of driving people to “like” or “follow” your page was no where to be found, with many companies using their investment to encourage conversation among friends.

Seeing this many ads with messaging that isn’t necessarily ‘call-to-action’ based is refreshing.  Brands have picked up on the notion that simply stating, “we have X product, come buy it,” does not suffice in the competitive market we live in.  Instead, with more focus and attention on emotionally connecting with the consumer, forming relationships is the new priority.

Take, for instance, take Taco Bell’s commercial. Here is what the Washington Post had to say about the “Viva Young” spot –

When some octogenarians bust out of their retirement home, they get into all kinds of teenage trouble: Regrettable tattoos, public displays of affection, breaking and entering, pyrotechnics, and finally, some late night Taco Bell. The directors found some great character actors — especially that guy who presses his nipple against the restaurant window — and a cool Spanish rendition of “We Are Young,” by the band fun.”

The message here really hits on emotion.  While they don’t promote a single item in their product line, they focus on connecting with their core consumer group.  This theme was noted over and over again with many brands.

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