What about Reddit?


Of all the social media platforms, Reddit is the one that always seems to be passed over by companies looking to increase their presence online. But should it be?

The fact of the matter is that the way Reddit is set up is not conducive to businesses being able to maintain an official presence.  In fact, when they do attempt to, they are frowned upon and, in some instances, banned.  It just simply isn’t a friendly, welcoming environment for businesses to try and enter.

Still, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its uses.  Reddit is a community where Redditors (people who use reddit) are welcome to share their opinions about whatever they want on subreddits (locations devoted to specific topics). Some of the most popular subreddits include gaming, technology, business, world news, and announcements.  Businesses can easily set up accounts, browse the site, and keep track of how their customers are portraying their brands.  This unfiltered information can be invaluable in developing strategic plans moving forward.